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Financing Carbon Neutrality in Asia

Moody’s ESG
Moody’s ESG

ESG Summit

Join leading experts from Moody's and the international community to discuss about Natural-related Financial Disclosure, sector performance amid low-carbon transition, and social impact and actions to take when combating climate change and protecting biodiversity.

Moody’s ESG

Why a career in ESG and sustainable finance has impact

  • What skills do you need to work in ESG and Sustainable Finance?
  • What does a day in the life of an ESG and Sustainable Finance analyst look like?
  • Why is working in ESG and Sustainable Finance a meaningful career option?
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Moody's Analytics

How can mortgage credit risk metrics be adjusted to climate change?

Moody’s ESG Solutions

RI USA 2021

An event by Responsible Investor

Join us at the RI USA 2021 conference and learn from the biggest institutional investors in the US on how they are addressing these developments in topical, relevant and output-driven panel discussions, case studies, and debates.

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schedule 90 Mins | 4 November 2021

Building resilience in the age of water stress

Join Moody's ESG specialists, credit rating analysts and leading experts for a discussion on opportunities for building resilience and managing water stress risk globally.
 Key discussion points include: 

  • How can the latest science and technology help build resilience to water stress?
  • How are cities managing water stress and adapting to an uncertain future?
  • How does water stress affect credit ratings for regional and local governments?
schedule 60 Mins | 27 October 2021

Sustainable Finance Update: Q4 2021

Join us for a live, interactive panel discussion where Moody’s ESG specialists will discuss the latest trends shaping global sustainable debt markets, including innovations in social financing and the implications of COP26 for the sustainable finance markets.

Key discussion points:

  • What are the key drivers of sustainable bond issuance in the third quarter?
  • What does COP26 mean for sustainable debt markets?
  • How are innovative products driving the rise of social financing?
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schedule 60 Mins | 19 October 2021

NGFS Phase II and ECB Climate Risk Scenarios

Building a climate stress testing framework

Climate change, environmental degradation and their related effects are some of the greatest challenges facing Europe and the world today.

schedule 185 Mins | 23 September 2021

Road to COP26: Getting Finance Fit for Net Zero

Join leading experts from Moody's and the international community for our 6th annual Climate Week NYC Event

Key discussion topics:

  • How carbon transition risks will shape credit quality across the most exposed industries
  • Why transparency on data and disclosure is critical to understanding long-term climate commitments
  • The role of sustainable debt markets in financing net zero strategies
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