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schedule 60 Mins | 16 June 2020

Moody's Analytics and RIMAN West Africa Webinar Series: Navigating Credit rRsk and Expected Losses Beyond COVID-19

Many institutions recognize that credit models built in the pre-COVID-19 period are not performing sufficiently to evaluate the current environment. Credit loss forecasting methods such as those used for IFRS 9 provisions may not differentiate borrowers across industries. To add to the complexity, institutions are guided by regulators to incorporate protective measures put in place by the governments in response to COVID – 19.

In this webinar we will address these challenges and how financial institutions can address these by:

  • Introducing practical adjustments which can be incorporated into internal ratings and credit assessments to increase their predictive power
  • Accounting for the granular and cross-sectional impacts of COVID-19 across corporate segments
  • Exploring overlays to quantify the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19–related stimulus programs targeted to individuals
schedule 60 Mins | 22 April 2020

IFRS 9 Challenges in View of COVID-19: Impact on Provisions and Associated Regulatory Guidance

In this webinar, we explore the implications of the deterioration in the financial markets and wider economy on the provisions of banks reporting under IFRS 9. We also evaluate the guidance from regulators and legislators to the banks and how these may provide assistance as well as challenges to appropriate provisioning for credit risks.

schedule 60 Mins | 3 March 2020

Help Your Producers Seize Opportunities In The 2020 Ag Commodity Markets

Join Doug Johnson from Moody’s Analytics and Ag News Daily co-host Mike Pearson of the Zaner Group as they share thoughts on what producers and ag lenders must do to ensure sustainability as the ag industry faces continued commodity market challenges.

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schedule 60 Mins | 28 March 2019

Ag Lenders: Can Your Producers Afford to Keep Farming?

Join Doug Johnson and Jason Kuzel from Moody’s Analytics and Mike Hinton, Ag Banking Consultant from Midwest Cloud Computing, as they discuss the impact of this economic grinder cycle on your ag producers, and some approaches to help your staff navigate these tenuous times. Communication, thoughtful planning and adherence to plan will be critical to remaining viable in 2019 and beyond.

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schedule 60 Mins | 26 April 2018

Ag Lending – Experience of Living Through the Cycles

As the farming industry continues to consolidate, operational size and complexities are naturally anticipated. In order to meet changing needs, Ag lenders should step back and adjust their strategy. Our panelists shared their experiences in Ag lending through multiple cycles and what they consider sustainable for the Ag market in the future.

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