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Upcoming Events

In-Person Conference

Nigeria Risk Summit

Risks are rising across the credit spectrum, can they be contained?


We are delighted to welcome you back in person to Moody’s/ RIMAN's Nigeria Conference, bringing together C-suite guest speakers, Moody’s analysts and the Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN).

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Re-examining Your Balance Sheet Position

 Join us as we dive into details of managing interest rate risk in a volatile environment.

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Ag Commodity Markets: 2023 Outlook & Concerns to Watch

Join Doug Johnson from Moody’s Analytics and Mike Pearson, host of This Week in Agribusiness and the Radio Show Agriculture of America as they discuss the Ag Commodity Market outlook for 2023, and tips to consider for the road ahead.

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Part of Ag Land

Moody's Analytics Summit 2023 London

Decode Risk. Unlock Opportunity

Banks in Latin America:

How are banks prepared for weak business conditions, low growth and high rates for longer?

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Moody’s 한국 브리핑

한국 정부 및 금융기관 신용전망

안정적 신용도와 잠재적 리스크 요인

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Past Events

schedule 75 Mins | 25 August 2021

Inside ASEAN: Thailand (Episode 2)

How prepared are Thai banks for a prolonged pandemic?

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schedule 60 Mins | 24 August 2021

Singapore Exchange Limited: Behind the Aa2 issuer and bond ratings

Join Moody’s analysts as they discuss the credit profile of SGX and the drivers of its Aa2 ratings.

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schedule 60 Mins | 17 August 2021

Ag Regulators Outlook: What to Expect in the Post-Pandemic Cycle

Join Doug Johnson from Moody’s Analytics, Stephen Gaddie from the FDIC, and Nick Hatz from the Federal Reserve of Kansas City as they discuss the current Ag regulatory environment, how we’re rebounding from the COVID-19 impact, and what potential Ag regulations could be coming down the future.  We’ll have a candid discussion on some of the lessons learned as well as best practices, and things to consider for the future.

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schedule 60 Mins | 3 August 2021

How to Project a Balance Sheet for IRRBB Purposes

In this webinar, we look at IRRBB – guidelines and challenges and dynamic Analysis in RiskConfidence.

schedule 60 Mins | 7 July 2021

How to Perform Effective Hedging Strategies for Your Balance Sheet for Liquidity, IRR & FX gaps

In this webinar, we will walk you through an ‘how to’ on using gap analysis to measure both liquidity and interest rate risk.

  • Allocating funding/derivatives as hedges and establishing a hedging strategy considering constraints and risk appetite
  • Including ‘What-if’ scenarios and assumptions on new volumes
  • A practical demonstration of hedging liquidity gaps, interest rate gaps, and FX risk gaps.
schedule 60 Mins | 17 June 2021

How to Perform FTP and IRR Stress Testing Post IBOR Transition

The next episode of the Practical Steps in Solving ALM Problems will walk you through a ‘how to’ on the new benchmark curve inputs for FTP and IRRBB

  • Calculating compounded rates for products linked to new reference rates
  • Considering the impact of compounding conventions on IRR and FTP
  • A practical demonstration of FTP and IRRBB analytics using the new benchmarks