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Scheme Financial Vehicle

Behind the first-time Aa3 issuer rating

Join us in this webinar as we discuss the key factors driving Scheme Financial Vehicle’s first-time rating.

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schedule 60 Mins | 11 August 2022

Healthcare: State of the Industry

2022 has been an challenging operating year for healthcare, coming on the heels of prolonged pandemic volatility. Overall, healthcare credit remains largely stable due to adaptable management and solid cash and liquidity.

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schedule 60 Mins | 14 July 2022

Municipal Defaults with a Focus on Puerto Rico

Presentation of the annual Municipal Default Study; broad trends post COVID; what developments in Puerto Rico, unrated sectors say about distress and recovery

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schedule 60 Mins | 9 June 2022

What's Next for Higher Ed: Navigating an Uncertain Future

 While some universities are thriving, others are struggling.  What is leading to credit differentiation and what is the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance Risk (ESG) factors?

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schedule 60 Mins | 24 May 2022

City and County Methodology Proposal: Continuing the Discussion

Follow-up to May 5 webinar on our proposed city and county methodology, providing a further opportunity for Q and A. May 5 replay is available as background.

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schedule 60 Mins | 7 April 2022

An Overview Of States And Territories Methodology And Its Impact On Ratings

Overview of the published States and Territories Methodology, including the impact on ratings.

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