US Public Finance in Focus

States, Local Governments, Enterprises

Moody's US Public Finance in Focus is the place to get regular event updates on municipal credit risks and trends.

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schedule 60 Mins

Municipal Default Experience

Lessons from Unrated Municipal Bonds

 This webinar will focus on material credit events in the US municipal sector, especially in the vast universe of unrated municipal bonds.

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schedule 60 Mins

Changing Consumer Preferences

Impact on Healthcare, Higher Education, Housing and Transit sectors

schedule 60 Mins

US Housing & Housing Finance Executive Series

Join us for a series of spotlight discussions with senior leaders from a range of industries with exposure to the booming US housing market, from financial institutions, home builders and housing REITs, to home improvement retailers, real estate brokers, and housing finance agencies.

schedule 10 Mins

ESG Scores Explained: US Public Finance

Navigating the Five-Point Scale

Moody’s updated ESG Cross Sector Methodology introduces new ESG Issuer Profile and Credit Impact Scores for issuers and transactions across public finance and other Moody's rated sectors.
schedule 60 Mins

US K-12 School District Methodology Update

Following publication of the new K-12 school district methodology, Moody's reviewed over 600 ratings for upgrade, downgrade or direction uncertain. This session will summarize the results of those reviews, address frequently asked questions about the application of the methodology, and provide the audience with an opportunity to ask additional questions.

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