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Past Events

2021 Stress Test for UK Mortgages

Risks to the post-pandemic recovery

As the economy looks to recover from the pandemic, we look at how to quickly and accurately forecast loss expectations, considering how macroeconomic conditions in the UK could differ over the coming years.

NGFS Phase II and ECB Climate Risk Scenarios

Building a climate stress testing framework

Climate change, environmental degradation and their related effects are some of the greatest challenges facing Europe and the world today.


The Clock is Ticking on U.S. Budget Deal and Fed Tapering

What does it Mean for Your Credit Portfolio?

In this webinar, Ryan Sweet, Moody’s Analytics Senior Director of Economic Research and co-presenter on the “Inside Economics” podcast, will provide actionable insights to help you better manage your credit portfolio during this uncertain time.

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Climate Hazard Modelling: Impact of Floods on Credit Risk for the UK Mortgages

In this webinar we will present our methodology for UK mortgages showing the impact of flood events on risk parameters such as PDs, illustrating how to combine climate change scenarios, location-specific risk scores generated by 427 and credit risk models.

South Africa Series: ESG Assessments and Risk Management

As investors and companies increasingly weigh climate risk into their investment decisions and strategic direction.

Scenario analysis based on scientific research indicates that climate risk will begin to impact global growth in the near future.

Join the next episode of South Africa Series exploring ESG and risk management.

ESG et Changement Climatique: Stimuler des Investissements Plus Durables

les défis de l'évaluation ESG pour différents types d'entreprises sont des questions complexes à parcourir et sont désormais des considérations critiques.

Cela s'applique à la fois à la gestion des investissements futurs et à la gestion des risques.

Regulatory Climate Change Stress Testing Scenarios: Global Perspective

In this webinar, the Moody’s Analytics approach to quantifying chronic physical risk at the country level using a variety of impact channels will be discussed. We will then elaborate on how we calibrate the Moody’s Global Macroeconomic Model to account for the transition risk and its impact on projections of unemployment rates and house prices. Finally, we will provide details regarding our approach to market risk. We will concentrate this discussion on equity prices, foreign exchange rates, and credit default swaps.

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