2023 Outlooks

Navigating New Dynamics

1 December 2022 - 7 February 2023

Risks are rising across the credit spectrum as conditions turn adverse

Moody’s 2023 Outlooks explore what will drive global credit markets in the coming year, analyzing the key themes and credit fundamentals shaping sectors, countries and regions.

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2023 Banking Outlook – ASIA

Amid tough global economic conditions, how will banks in Asia fare compared with their EMEA counterparts? Join our analysts from the two regions as they discuss Asia’s banking outlook for 2023.

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Global Leveraged Finance 2023 Outlook

Modest issuance, weakening liquidity to impact leveraged finance

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Higher Education Outlook 2023

College and universities continue to confront a dynamic environment in 2023; rising risks will have varying credit impacts

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2023 Outlook for US States and Local Governments

Stable 2023 outlook for US states and local governments despite tighter macro conditions and slower tax revenue growth

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North American & EMEA Corporate Finance 2023 Outlook

Discussing the commonalities and differences between the North American and EMEA corporate finance sectors

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