European Leveraged Finance & CLO Summit

Is liquidity masking credit quality?

20 - 22 April 2021

In turbulent times, when visibility is low, Moody's can help lift the fog through its unique, aggregate view of credit risk in the leveraged finance and CLO markets.

Why attend?


The Latest Market Trends

Discover new developments in leveraged finance and CLO markets, including term loans, ESG and crisis resilients CLOs

Moody's Default Data

Uncover new trends with our proprietary
market defaults and recovery data, including how credit quality has changed and our expectations for 2021

Sector Deep-dives

Get in-depth coverage on 6 key sectors: Airlines & Travel; Packaging; Telecom, Cable & Media, Chemicals, Pharma & Healthcare and Software & Technology


Leveraged Finance - Leverage versus Liquidity

On day one we'll be focusing on leverage versus liquidity, European recovery data, and discuss the COVID-19 pandemic's aftermath as well as the increasing importance of ESG with guest speakers.

European CLOs

What impact has the pandemic had on European CLOs?  What does the rising importance of ESG mean for CLO managers and investors?