Transforming The Energy Sector and Serving The Greater Good

Dots and Bridges Thought Leadership Consortium | Utility SuperCluster

  • Accelerating innovation within our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure Sector(s)
  • Unearthing new perspectives to enable public-private partnerships
  • Conducting technology diligence to accelerate secure, digital transformation

Our world has fast become increasingly dependent on “smart” devices in fundamentally new ways. Subsequently, the “critical” infrastructure, i.e., assets, networks, and systems, underpinning our cities/communities require the security, functionality, and resiliency deemed vital to public safety, prosperity, and well-being. Incorporating a heterogeneous, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Smart City fabric requires continuous diagnostics and mitigation to reduce cyber-physical risk AND provide visibility. These technologies will enable cities and communities to improve services, promote economic growth, and enhance the quality of life but also require thoughtful risk mitigation.

The Dots and Bridges Consortium created its Utility SuperCluster to focus on sustainability challenges related to Energy, Water and Waste Management by bringing cities, counties, and municipalities together with Government, Commercial, Non-Profit, and Academia to celebrate inventiveness, share best practices and demonstrate world-class innovation. It is a humanizing process encouraging stakeholders (public, private, community, civic, and business leaders) to ideate and mobilize feasible action for internal, long-term change and to spur public private sector investment and innovation to widen and fortify the pathway to thriving and inclusive communities.

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    Pete Tseronis Founder and CEO Dots and Bridges Bio
    Jim Hempstead Managing Director Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Commissioner Dianne Solomon State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Bio
    Derek Vadala SVP, Head of Risk BitSight Bio
    Bruce Walker, JD Head of Energy Risk Operations/Energy Chief Risk Officer Analysis and Resilience Center (ARC) Bio
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