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Catylist Solution for CRE Brokers in Columbus

Learn why thousands of CRE brokers count on Catylist to access robust research and wide-ranging data coverage, prospecting information, and marketing tools each day. Join Moody’s Analytics CRE product team to learn about the latest enhancements for Columbus Brokers using the Catylist platform.

Moody's Analytics

European CRE Loan Performance Analysis in the Current Macroeconomic Environment

Join us and have your questions answered by Moody’s Analytics CRE Leaders.

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Economic, Real Estate and Credit Outlook in Wilmington

In-person event | Chase Center on the Riverfront | Wilmington, DE

The past few years have been complicated for the financial industry, and underlying factors like elevated interest rates, recent banking troubles, and persistent uncertainty around the office sector have created an unpredictable environment.

Join us in person to explore how these factors are playing out and what the economic outlook will be going forward. Chief Economist Mark Zandi and Economic Experts across Moody's Analytics will discuss the fissures and fault lines that threaten economic growth.

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Solutions for Texas Economic Development Corporations

Join Moody’s Analytics CRE Ron Turner, EDCLink specialist, as he discusses the opportunity for Economic Development Corporations (EDC) in Texas to showcase available CRE space and properties for site selectors, brokers, developers and  business owners in their communities and beyond.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate available commercial properties into your website, and display intuitive listings and search capabilities with zero maintenance required.

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Past Events

COVID-19 and the Hospitality Sector

In this webinar, panelists discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector. As economic reopening ensues – and as reinfection rates rise – what are the short- and long-term prospects for hotel properties? What are the segments of the hospitality industry that are seeing near-term recovery vs. those that will take longer to recover?

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CRE Industrial

Moody's hosted a CRE update webinar to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the industrial sector. Thomas S. Olinger, CFO of Prologis, was the guest speaker.

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Moody's Analytics REIS & CWCapital in Conversation: COVID-19 and Distress in Debt Markets

Distress in debt markets for multifamily and commercial real estate is unfolding at a much faster pace, given the dynamics of the COVID-19 crisis. Still, distress appears to be following a specific pattern for particular property types. The CMBS market offers the most transparent, generally accessible picture, of how the status of loans supported by different CRE sectors is changing. In this session, we discussed the mechanics of distress in the CRE debt markets, and offer insights into what's next as economic reopening efforts ensue.

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Will Multifamily Emerge from COVID-19 Relatively Unscathed?

Moody's hosted a CRE update webinar to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Multifamily.

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