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Upcoming Events


Briefing on the CCAR 2023 Stress Test Scenarios

   Join us as we take a deep dive into the Federal Reserve’s anticipated release of the bank stress test scenarios as part of CCAR 2023. We will assess the current financial health of the nation’s banking system, and how the system would fare under a severe stress scenario. The severity of this year’s test will also be put into a historical context. 

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Moody's Analytics

Summit 2023

Decode Risk. Unlock Opportunity.

Moody's Analytics Summit 2023 brings together more than 200 members of the banking community to network and learn about best practices, innovations, and forward-looking thought leadership.

Nigeria Conference

Growth path hidden by global headwinds

We are delighted to welcome you back in person to Moody’s/ RIMAN's Nigeria Conference, bringing together C-suite guest speakers, Moody’s analysts and the Risk Management Association of Nigeria (RIMAN).

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Part of Inside Africa

Past Events

schedule 12 January 2022

2022 Bank Presidents Seminar

an event by the Western Bankers Association

Moody's Analytics is excited to present and sponsor the 2022 Western Bankers Associaton Bank Presidents Seminar. 

Join Moody's Analytics experts on January 14 at 10:25 am to explore the "Anticipation Economy Resilience: Reimagining the Path to Profitable Growth".

schedule 60 Mins | 13 December 2021

CECL: Pushing History Forward

The use of a financial institution’s own historical data and experience is an important component to a CECL calculation; but in the end, it is just a part of the puzzle. In this webinar, our panel of experts will address why using forecasted information can prove equally important, and not just because the accounting guidance mentions it.

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schedule 60 Mins | 9 December 2021

New Tool for Ag Lenders & Producers: Accelerate Farm Profits™

Join Doug Johnson from Moody’s Analytics as he walks through our new tool for both Ag producers and Ag lenders. This solution is designed to help producers improve their financial acumen, build marketing plans, and send out alerts to both producers and lenders when forecasts appear unachievable.

schedule 60 Mins | 7 December 2021

West Africa Series

Basel III: Fundamentals and Challenges