INDIA & ASEAN Deep Dive | Global Emerging Markets Summit

From recovery to resilience: Global headwinds will dent but not derail growth

India and Southeast Asia have demonstrated resilience in their economic recovery, with domestic demand relatively healthy and many sectors benefiting from global firms diversifying away from China. Can these economies fortify their growth? 

Discussion Topics:

  • To what extent will domestic demand temper headwinds from slowing global growth? 
  • How are issuers responding to tighter credit conditions? 
  • How are Indian and ASEAN banks exposed to the global bank distress?
  • Which industries will drive India’s journey to becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2025?  
  • Will China’s reopening be credit positive for other Asian issuers? 
  • Who will benefit from global firms’ strategies to diversify away from China?  
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    Ray Tay Senior Vice President / Manager, Project and Infrastructure Finance Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Rebecca Tan Vice President – Senior Analyst, Financial Institutions Group Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Christian de Guzman Senior Vice President, Sovereign Risk Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Kaustubh Chaubal Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance Group Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Vikash Halan Associate Managing Director, Corporate Finance Moody's Investors Service Bio