ESG Scores Explained and 2022 Industry Outlook: Paper & Forest Products

Navigating the five-point ESG scale and an overview of current fundamental industry business conditions

In this session, Moody’s analysts will review the approach to the new Paper & Forest Products ESG, Issuer Profile and Credit Impact Scores, and provide an overview of key business trends facing the industry in 2022.

  • Integration of ESG considerations into credit ratings.
  • Case studies exemplify each end of the 1-5 scale.
  • Expectations of demand and supply trends across various paper and forest product subsectors.

Important Details about the New Scores

Issuer Profile Scores (IPS) are separate environmental, social and governance scores that assess an entity’s exposure to the categories of ESG that MIS regards as the most material to credit. The assessment of the exposure to E, S and G risks or benefits is based on the general ESG principles described in the methodology, and the scores provide a consistent way to express this assessment.

ESG Credit Impact Scores (CIS) reflect the impact of ESG considerations on the rating of an issuer or transaction. Whereas the E, S and G profile scores are based on an issuer’s or transaction’s outright exposure to ESG risks or benefits and ESG specific mitigants, the CIS places ESG considerations in the context of the issuer’s other credit drivers that are material to a given rating.

  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Martina Gallardo Barreyro VP-Senior Analyst Moody’s Investors Service
    Anke Rindermann Associate Managing Director, Corporate Finance Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Ed Sustar Senior Vice President Moody’s Investors Service Bio
    Ana Rayes AVP-Analyst Moody’s Investors Service Bio
    Anastasija Johnson VP-Senior Credit Officer Moody’s Investors Service Bio
    Oliver Giani Vice President – Senior Analyst Moody’s Investors Service Bio
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