Implementing Net Zero in Commercial Real Estate

In this webinar, we will discuss the transition risk of climate change for the CRE sector as regulators around the world increasingly seek to reduce carbon emissions. We will demonstrate possible steps which owners and lenders can take to assess energy performance and reduce carbon emissions of CRE buildings and portfolios through various retrofit options. We will also show that the energy efficiency benefits of these retrofits may sometimes outweigh the credit risk associated with the financial costs of the retrofits. Conducting such assessments informs forward-looking risk management as the push for net zero continues to gain momentum.

  • As nations move more rapidly to implement environmental regulations to combat climate change, building owners and lenders are in increasing need of exploring retrofit options to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Depending on financing and leasing structures, the energy efficient benefits resulting from these retrofits may outweigh the credit risk associated with the financial costs.
  • The impact assessments of energy efficiency options allow CRE lenders and investors to preemptively stay ahead of shifting consumer preferences and emissions regulations.

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    Hewson Baltzell President & Chief Operating Officer Helios Exchange Bio
    Eric Bao Director-Research Moody's Analytics