Understanding Nuclear Decommissioning

What happens when nuclear power stations close?

In France, EDF is expected to close 12 of its 56 operational nuclear reactors by 2035, after the 2 reactors at Fessenheim ceased operations in 2020, and is already dismantling 9 other shut-down reactors. In the UK, EDF shut down the 2 reactors at Dungeness B in June 2021, and 12 other reactors among its 13 remaining operational reactors are expected to close this decade with final shutdown of Hunterston B and Hinkley Point B planned by 2022. But what happens after a nuclear plant stops operating?  

Join Moody’s for a fireside chat with Jean-Marc Lefeuvre, Head of ALM Division at EDF, to understand:

  • When EDF expects to decommission existing nuclear assets 
  • The three phases of decommissioning and how the process varies with reactor technology 
  • How risks are allocated by jurisdiction and what happens to nuclear waste 
  • Lessons learnt from past/current decommissioning work 
  • How costs are provided for  
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